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I believe Artists and Studios should never be limited by technology, tools or workflow. My goal is to develop tools and pipelines that reduce errors and boost productivity resulting in decreased cost and increased creative output and overall quality of every production.

There is always a way to help data flow through the pipeline easier and more efficiently.

My strength in planning, organisation, development and scripting for Autodesk Maya can be applied in all stages of the pipeline; from modelling to rendering. I swim smoothly in everything that speaks Python.

I love digital arts – translating imagination, images and feelings from the mind into an audio/visual project. I’m passionate about every aspect; from the most artistic and subjective, to the most technical and objective.

Outside of the studio, you will find me travelling, shooting timelapse photography and editing. Music is an important part in my life, especially live, and I love talks about philosophy, ethics rules and reality!


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