Project Details

Client: Emma Hillman / YVES Manzine

Date: October 12, 2014

Online: www.emmahillman.com

We are pleased to announce our video and photography featuring the latest collection from Emma Louise Hillman, the emerging Melbourne-based Designer, has been featured in YVES MANZINE. There is an artful meeting of social, political and personal artefacts, both physical and physiological, a composition that not only interrogates the very nature of individual rituals, but also, produces new ways in which to interpret and perform them.
This is visceral work. The lines are shapely and curving, yet at the same time not fully tangible, much like its conceptual premise. Toward Transformation explores (in)tangibility of tattoos and their inherent narratives and transcendence of gender-roles and class-systems through appropriation of Eastern and Western motifs as well as men’s private ritualistic dressing practices. The very act of dressing is pulled into focus, and questioned. Words: Nathan Crane - YVES Manzine Fashion: Emma Louise Hillman

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