Project Details

Client: STRIDE

Date: December 11, 2012

Online: www.strideinstride.com

Inspired by true events STRIDE is a written drama following the experiences and growth of Jack O’Connell, a 24 yr old backpacker who embarks on the journey of a lifetime, exploring the world on the road less travelled and experiencing everything it has to offer, and often getting more than he bargained for.
From cruising the gold soaked cliffs of Monaco, to the adrenaline of being chased by bulls in Pamplona; from sailing into Venice with the wind in your hair to exploring the lowest catacombs twisting beneath the cities of London and Paris; STRIDE gives a dissection of travel that most people don’t, but should most definitely experience at least once in their life. 12 weeks – 12 locations around the world – London, Ireland, Paris, Monaco, Ibiza, Pamplona, Amsterdam Prague, Portofino, Mykonos, Rome, Bangkok.

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